Thursday, 7 January 2016

Screen Time

what do you want to do? classroom draw and write questionThe BBC reports that the greatest scourge for parents today is screentime. The little angels (such as my angelic self) would, given the chance, stay playing computer games until they starved, much like the monkeys trained to pull a lever to get a jolt of crack cocaine, and stay there self-administering until they die.
The uncontrolled child will become a grumpy disobedient one without friends or social skills, education or prospects so I have been given a deal. One (count them, one) hour of screentime per day (not including TV), doesn't matter whether it's tablet, X-Box or PC, doesn't matter which game I'm playing. No splitting of the hour - can't have 15 minutes before swimming and 45 afterwards. This is per working day which is weekdays, and all restrictions are lifted after 3pm Saturday, and all day Sunday. Others of my friends have their own screen-deals. Some do not. If I accidentally-on-purpose go back for a reprise after my hour has elapsed, I lose the next day's allocation. If I do it again, I lose a week. It's like when you put the 3rd house on a Monopoly property, prices rise dramatically.
Today was a pretty normal day at school and I fell over in the playground resulting in a severed leg, losing 9 pints of blood. Once I'd had my heart restarted, a transfusion of tiger blood and the leg sewn back on, a plaster was applied and it wasn't until I was getting changed after Extra-Swimming that the plaster came off revealing a half-inch cut, these plasters are amazing.
view from eastney over the solent to the isle of wight
Today we lost a slate from the roof. The roofer bloke says he'll replace it. There's been quite enough weather, don't want it coming inside. I played my hour of Mario games and the sky outside the swimming pool showed a glimmer of hope that spring is on the way. Or is it snow.

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