Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pokédate and Block-U-Like

pokemon cards collection and nerf dartsThere I was, busy dreaming about Pokémon cards when Bud woke me up at 1227pm, saying that Ben was on the phone asking for a Pokémon playdate and card exchange session.
I had broken my own personal best for waking-up time. Luckily I know that adult life is like this so I will be able to do this for ever. In less than an hour, I was delivered to his place where we exchanged 14 cards and I got such characters as Poliwag, Timburr, Ichicrax, Leafeon, Toffpot, Antipasto, Goatse and Lardon, I think. Then we played Minecraft and found a village, slaughtered the inhabitants and un-built the entire village to get bricks to make our own buildings.
I was given (and liked) a tuna-mayo wrap, isn't it always the way that you only experiment on new foods at other people's houses. When I got home all the Xmas decorations had gone, the house looks bigger. All my kind of day.

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