Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Evolution

Well, I think that much like the others I got to bed at around 2am today, although not all Puddlers made it into their own beds, mmm. Rising a mere 8 hours later, we had a blank day in which I played Minecraft and prepared Pokémon cards for an upcoming Pokedate with Ben, Jof looked up where to go for our summer holidays and Bud went for a run and made a deposit at the bottle bank.
bottlebank glass household recycling facility with plastic bags full of bottles
We all feel like this sometimes
With just a little bit of eating badly and lots of lounging around thrown in, that's pretty well it. At least I have a boy's excursion to look forward to tomorrow. For supper I had bangers and mash with the sausages sticking up like antlers out of a close-encounters style mountain of potato, and taught Jof to play the Pokémon card game. Jof went to read quietly so I watched 'Twins'.

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