Thursday, 14 January 2016

I am an exceptional Potions Master, Mrs McClane

engrish funny sign fail bullshit
Today I returned to the scene of my latest victory which was the swimming pool, and did an hour's hard swimming with Mother Superior keeping a close eye on our progress.
She is a super-invigilator and central scrutinizer and eagle-eyed examinatrix from the swimming club, sent to root out failure and lax techniques, and also to espy and pick out talented individuals. I even had to keep my eyes front when doing the pencil jump, and there's me a qualified diver.
News reaches my hallowed ears that Jof has booked our next holiday in a hotel a mere 13 miles from the last one.
Erin bet me that there will be snow tomorrow so I'm going to wear 2 coats for Ben's party. The skies were certainly clear with a chill wind blowing nobody any good so I hid indoors with my friend the sofa. Phoned Grandad who taught me about European geography. And Professor Snape died but I also liked him in Die Hard.
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