Sunday, 10 January 2016

All Hail Voltorb

xmas cake socksUp at 9, but that means I scored at least 10 1/2 hours sleep. Felt much better. The delightful Solent weather systems gave us rain, sun and hail, all at the same time.
I'd done about 3 hours on the computer when Bud said you'd better get dressed, Ben might turn up any minute. But actually he was being hailed on up the road watching the women's football team playing in the hail. I stood by the window waiting wistfully which wasn't so bad as there's a radiator so you can maintain a warm gentleman's area while watching bits of ice skittering down the road. Yes, they're Xmas pudding socks.
Eventually he arrived and we swapped some Pokémon cards and he went onto my Minecraft world and he's an accomplished builder. I'll get to build at his house soon.
I couldn't believe it was back to a 9pm bedtime - what am I, 5?

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