Saturday, 9 January 2016

Evil Eye Tooth Fairy

meon school year 5 sleepoverWoke up today at 0730 having achieved 7 1/2 hours of sleep, although take that with a pinch of fault. This, you may think, is not unusual, but I woke up next to Ben and in a gymnasium full of schoolkids.
Last night after being ditched by the parents for the Year 5 sleepover, we had a 'Rules and You' session which was basically no running around screaming. Then we had a mass game of Treasure Scavenger Hunt in which teams of 6 had to find up to 10 items and bring them back to the sign-in desk one at a time but in our full group - this was fatal to us as we had Child S in our group and he started a fight and so we only got 5 items.
Then we had Hide'N'Seek by classes, we found Class 1 in 5 minutes, Class 2 in 6 minutes and by the time it was our turn we'd noted all the best hiding places, I hid behind the piano but I was sitting on a radiator pipe so my bottom got cooked, one of our girls hid on top of the coats'n'bags cupboard and covered herself in lunchboxes so she was never found so we won!
baggy of weed grass cannabis Then we settled down in our sleeping bags and there were rules about not taking clothes off and we watched a film called Space Chimps in which the Grandchimp of the first chimp into space took 2 mates on a space voyage through a wormhole, defeated PigBeast who was leader of the planet they met and established Chimply law and order and returned home ChimpHeroes.
Bud picked me up at 0830 and I didn't feel bad at all. I had a bit of breakfast and some Minecraft and hot pasta and was really happy until I was again removed from the console and that's when I whinged and moaned about not wanting to do acting again.
Acting was ace. We had a new teacher and 2 new starters and we played a game for warm-up where you had to act out a scene and as soon as someone said freeze you were frozen in time and they replaced you and carried on in a new direction so the storyline kept changing.
southsea seafront sea wall repairs pyramids
I grudgingly admitted it was really good, I hate having to grudge, it's not cool. But he'd bought me 2 more packs of Pokémon cards and I got 7 new ones and 2 Voltorbs in one pack! You'll like Voltorb. He has a weapon action called Big Explosion which does 60 attack damage to the opponent, and 60 attack damage to itself. Given that Voltorb only has 60 HP (Health Points), he effectively does his 60 attack damage and kills himself at the same time. He is therefore a suicide bomber.
Then, in the street, we found a small bag of a special herb. This popular aromatic dried flowering top helps you relax like those purple bath salts so we gave it to one of our friends on the way home, waste not want not.
I can also tell you that the nice man from the council is hard at work in his digger repairing the sea wall with epic rocks. The concrete sea defence wall was breached on Boxing Day and the sea rapidly dug out a big bit of the seafront pavement and Something Had To Be Done, shame it was during the rock movement, like the Vietnam war getting in the way of the hippie movement.
southsea promenade wall repair So a giant pile of massive rocks has been delivered and a huge digger was busy putting them in front of the chasm, while the sea tried to dissuade the chaps in orange suits. The sea has also thrown up lots of dead starfish, maybe as an apology.
Incidentally, I spent the whole day (including acting lessons, going to Tesco for lunch and walking the streets picking up bags of weed) wearing the same stripey pyjamas I put on yesterday. I just didn't mention it.
Later the rain started and I settled down to a serious afternoon's work on Pokémon Voyage dotcom and then we all watched Star Wars 6 The Return Of The Jedi in which some tree-dwelling stone age Koalas helped kill some heavily-armoured Stormtroopers with actual rocks and nobody mentioned the incestuous snogging and Yoda died and VaderVader died and it was all rather fun until I had to go to bed. But I knew I had to.

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