Monday, 11 January 2016

Candidate Signal Detected

quality failure signpostWe had a special visitor today as part of the government's secret evil plan to encourage more youthful interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.
The visitor was from a space-based company but had come back to Earth for his holidays, probably, and to lecture us on the shapes of galaxies.
galaxy shape classification mechanical turkUsing the Hubble space telescope, his group had amassed so much data they had to crowdsource some help in classifying the various shapes of galaxies and other heavenly bodies (I am only 10 so do not think of Jordan at this point).
Apparently it would take a laboratory full of cosmologists a gazillion years to go through them all by which time the cosmologists and their entire species would be extinct.
crowdsourcing mecahnical turk public helpSo, they said, be a Mechanical Turk for us and sign in at Galaxyzoo dot org and start sorting through those spiral arms and gravitational lenses and stellar nurseries and supermassive black holes and filaments and clusters and see if you can't find us an interesting one, like the online app run by SETI borrowing office computers at night to look for candidate signals from ET.
I managed to swap out a further 20 Pokémon cards and I attempted to make a playdate arrangement with Child O but nobody had brought pen and paper so that failed.
In Scouts we took the new noticeboards with free pen selection and we had to line up for badge inspection because that's the new focus. Lets' hope the focus isn't too sharp as Bud now sews on my badges. I got Swimming III for being epic and Community Impact Staged Activity I for giving a rucksack full of warm clothes to the homeless shelter.

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