Saturday, 16 January 2016

Goldilocks and the No Bears Whatsoever

Well, despite the Team Deathmatch last night, we all got up and met on the landing at 0830, proving that we can all be boring even when we're not trying.
But there is no rest for the wicked or even me so I made some dragons have sex in the Dragon Kingdom game Elizabeth showed me last night and then I prepared for government by having an acting lesson. I used to rail and rant and rave against acting because I saw it as a threat to my ability to spend all day playing Minecraft but now that my futile resistance to it has faltered and failed, I find it to be extremely funny and refreshing and full of pretty young girls who are pleased to see me.
vue cinema gunwharf quays portsmouthToday we played a variety of little sketches including the Arrival of the Queen of England in which I played the pivotal role of Gate of Buckingham Palace, still better than my Year R school play in which people had to play bricks (I was the Troll). Then we did Goldilocks and so many people chose to play the part of Bed 1, Bed 2, Picture on Wall or Door that there was nobody left over to play a bear, gosh, poor old Goldilocks had to really work that one.
But after only 2 hours of adulation, it was over and I chose a pub lunch in the Ship and Castle, which filled us all right up. From there we transferred to the Promised Cinema and watched 30 minutes of adverts that were so loud they made my ears tickle. We've been building up to Star Wars 7 for weeks now and have watched the first 6 in the correct order so that this one made sense. I know I'm literally weeks behind all my mates in seeing this movie but I don't care, I liked seeing the Tie Fighter up close and finding out that Finn was actually a Bogbot before he defected and Kylo's triple light sabre and the crashed Imperial Star Cruisers and the BB droid. Solo looks the same but Leia didn't, R2D2 spent most of the film asleep but the gay C3PO was funny and Luke did what he always did and looked meaningfully into the distance, Jof says let's hope he wasn't paid by the word. I have to assume that Luke and Chewie and the droids and Leia will be in the next one, Solo won't be. I bet that Rey is Luke's daughter, shame she had to fly all the way to Ireland to find him. Nice lichen, by the way.

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