Saturday, 23 January 2016

Predations and Planning

queen street portsmouth naval historyI'd done my hour of Klash-Of-Dragons before he even got up this morning, all that Vitamin Beer must make you sleepy. In acting there was a little girl new starter and she really didn't want to join in and was all huffy but then turned out to be very good and won the Oscar, which is a bijou statuette in gold with very tight buns and a plinth. This is the new weekly award for best actor, I expect I'll win it next week, they just gave it to her to encourage her, honest.
This splendid edifice is the Wardroom of HMS Nelson, effectively the Navy social club with meals and sleepovers. It's a listed building with quality architecture from when the Navy was epic, at the turn of the last century. It's going up for sale, thinking of buying into that, just think how many bedrooms I'd have, we won £8.40 on the lottery yesterday, half-way there already. Or it'll just be expensive flats like the old Marines Barracks at Eastney.
minecraft dragon quest gaming
Then I got 7 new Pokémon cards and Alien V Predator 2 for film night ("More action, more terror not seen at cinemas!") and then my life was made whole when Ben turned up with Pokémon and his tablet! We bred dragons and had a light-sabre fight in the dark and traded Pokémon cards and killed each other in Minecraft, all the usual stuff.
Later, I picked up a nice-looking girlie (Katie B) from the Hovercraft and took her and Jof to the pub for yet another Jof work night out. That meant we could watch Alien Versus Predator 1 while she was off the premises and it was scary and cool and now I know all about the Ripley Aliens. We looked up my exploits at previous Film and Comic Conventions and agreed to visit the upcoming London Filmcon next month, many well-known actors are available, I might get to complete my Red Dwarf set. Sang myself to sleep just before midnight, even though I have agreed an excursion with Ben tomorrow at an unearthly hour, first thing in the afternoon, you can still taste the toothpaste.

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