Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Pure as New York Snow

engrish shop name funny failThanks to the Eastern Seaboard for today's weather, the remnants of the storm that dumped tons of snow on New York. For us, it was rain and once we'd all done a run around the schoolyard (a new thing to warm us up) we trudged the 17 miles to the swimming pool in the rain.
Because we have to travel at the speed of the slowest pupil, we are a very lethargic crocodile but things got better in the water. It was backstroke day and we gave each other advice and I swam underwater for miles and we might as well have swum back to school, we were just as wet.
Once I got home I had to do my homework, to design a Starbase with certain dimensions and buildings and sectors of set areas. You know when you just join up the lines that have missed by hand instead of using a ruler? Well that's why I did a rough copy first to make sure it was all going to fit inside.
geometrical construction homework
Then it was time for my run, are you taking the micturition. Let's be honest, the weather was absolutely horrible what with the blustery sleet and we were the only people in the park who weren't wearing cagoules and walking a wet dog. I got hungry, tired and emotional but at the corner I beat the urge to quit and made the decision to voluntarily turn right for the second circuit, instead of going directly home, defeated. This was the moment I turned the corner, as it were, because the minute you justify stopping early because you're cold, or deciding not to go out today because it's gymnastics day or you don't fancy it, your laziness will have beaten you and within a week you'll not be going out at all.
We got to gym late because of the ambulance parked in the middle of the road. It wasn't for the girl in my class who missed the crash mats and banged her head. I ticked off lots of actions towards my next gym badge and at home we discovered 3 questions I hadn't done on the Starbase project. Will this homework never end?

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