Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Minus 1! That was the temperature readout in Jof's car this morning, and we had to scrape ice off the windshield as well.
just texas weather melted fan bladesBen has a Star Wars shoot'em-up game on his X-box and by the time he'd explained it to me, and it had been filtered through my imagination, it became a single-person shooter with squadrons of Stormtroopers for turning into crispy fried humans with your laser blasters and if you miss one of them they can see the trajectory of your shots and extrapolate your firing position and they move independently and it's epic. Thus, of course, I want it and it's only £50 so when I got home I checked my piggy bank and there was £34 so I got really grumpy with Jof who said she wouldn't buy it.
On closer interrogation by Bud, it became clear that I just wanted a first person shooter, didn't matter which one, so we'll check out the second hand shops first.
In swimming I showed off with my dives and swam 3/4 of a length underwater and they said they'd worked us hard this week with our 6 lengths - but in real swimming our warm-up is, like, 20 lengths so I laughed at the pathetic non-swimmers (Floaters) just hanging there attached to 17 armbands and noodles.
At gymnastics we saw where the man got electrocuted to death a couple of days ago but as soon as we got anywhere near the cordoned off area, a sparky policewoman charged out of one of 2 guarding-cars as quick as lightning and got very huffy with us so there is no picture. But there was ice in the puddles and the grass was crunchy.

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