Sunday, 17 January 2016

Okely Dokely

minecraft blockopedia and gameWell that was better, getting up with a 9 in it. I spent the whole morning on the tablet breeding dragons apart from that brief time when I dropped the tablet onto my morning milk, putting it all over the table, carpet and chair. It really was a very good shot.
But what I really wanted was somebody new to boss around. I do try with the normal boys on our frequent meetings, but they don't obey so much as ignore. But new fodder arrived in the form of Oakley from my class who came armed with the Blockopedia which is a Minecraft book telling you all about the powers and characteristics of all the various blocks, and not once does it mention that none of them really exist, it's the bible of Minecraft.
So we played on the X-box and shouted at each other, then we chased each other loudly with Nerf guns and we barricaded my room while shouting and generally being loud. We got 3 hours which is not bad for a first time and I might get to go to his place another time provided he doesn't have to have therapy after this visit.
Then he left and the house was quiet once more although the corridors were strewn with Nerf darts and weapons, I expect they will be picked up by someone else at some point.

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