Tuesday, 5 January 2016

From Sophia to Ky Loren

madwoman with heavy make-up and attached socks While this was the dreaded first day back at school, it wasn't so dreaded after all and I was looking forward to showing off my Kylo Ren suit.
Even leaving home was difficult as nasty parkers had blocked Jof's car in but soon I met up with all my Star Warsian schoolfriends and we jousted with Light Sabres and the girls compared their buns. This was because we all had to dress up as Star Wars characters and there simply aren't many openings for the ladies. OK, you've got a couple of Princesses in Oriental garb and Padme Skywalker and good old Leia, and that's about it. I left-fielded Anakin's Mum, easy to do the costume as beaten-up slave lady. So there were many Siths, a few Wookies, one X-wing pilot, and 37 Princess Leias. Oh, and about 2 wet blankets who didn't dress up.
In one assembly we had to announce our new year's resolutions but only about school. So we had a succession of 'Want to improve my Literacy' and 'I want to get more house points for my house' and stuff, a whole load of made-up nonsense it was, because clearly our real resolutions were to eat more chocolate, score more goals, get more Pokémon cards or get the new Sony Experia Z5 Premium, depending on taste.
school star wars dress up dayI got the top costume award for my entire year, and one of my mates got most-effort award for being the X-wing pilot and having actually dyed his hair to match.
We hardly did any work at all today with double assembly and watching Empire Strikes Back and more Light Sabre fights and at going-home time, Bud had brought the new scooter which turned a few heads, especially with Kylo Ren riding it.
For afternoon snack I had watermelon and prawns, an obvious choice. It was a wrench coming off the Minecraft server and going back to Gymnastics and I said it was boring and asked to quit again but as soon as I was there, it was great.

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