Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be

crying baby The New York Rain pounded us once more and by going-home time, it was obvious that we wouldn't be going to the park.
So once I'd had Snack #1, Robert phoned me and invited me round and we all picked up Ben from my school and that's when we all played the Starship game.
muddy waterlogged pitchMuch like old favourite Simple Simon, it has 5 coloured lights that flash and you have to hit them quickly for the reactions game, or copy the ever-extending sequence for the memory game. Like all the little people that play while waiting for the doors to open, we just batted all the buttons we could reach and it did the big 'X' sound like on Family Fortunes every time we got it wrong.
At their place, we filmed ourselves performing an action comedy with light sabres and cheesy lines and fights in the dark and one soldier wasn't dead enough so we killed him again, die, Jedi rebel scum, and we all laughed for ages.
I ran home and did my 2 kilometres round the park because it had stopped raining and we had the torch to see the puddles and I did 1 circuit without stopping, a personal goal.

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