Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Douglas Bader and the Unexpected Olives

walmartian freaks with wild eyes 8 news headlineSchool proper started today. We actually had to learn things, whoa there, boy, don't overdo it.
Our new topic is Star Wars, hence the dress-up day yesterday. While it may seem contrived and of dubious educational value, tangential aspects could work. One sub-topic was Geography, where we had to find 6 spaceports in the atlas.
Could you find 6 equipped sites capable of launching an orbital vehicle? Maybe not. We also had to design and market a Star Wars-related toy of your choice, I went for the Boba Fett costume kit with blaster and retractable infra-red sight on the helmet.
I also swapped out 14 Pokémon cards and have thus come home richer in terms of Japanese fictional animalcules and look forward to re-arranging my card collection later.
young swingers with tennis ball gamesDuring my lunch hour, I open my temperature-controlled lunchbag and eat some or all of the contents, depending on how much playtime I haven't had. But today I opened the little bag of joy and found 1) fruit assortment with 2 added tomatoes 2) mini pork pie with a few cocktail sausages 3) pot of pitted green olives.
Now my family and I all know that olives are on the NOT list, it later transpired that Jof got over-enthusiastic grabbing the pre-prepared pots out of the fridge, a couple of inches to the left and it could have been a pot of gravy, some Thai vegetable curry or cheese sauce. So I guess I was lucky.
On the way home I selected a Grade 3 haircut at my usual establishment and got a cherry-flavoured lollipop as a reward. Well, you're not going to turn it down, are you.
I'd just settled down for a Pokémon session when he said it's Wednesday park, get your clothes on (for I was sadly lacking). It was at this point that I remembered the slight graze I got on my knee yesterday at gymnastics when somebody blind-sided me in Tag and I fell down. So I hobbled downstairs in total agony like the very ghost of Douglas Bader when the Sturmbannführer had confiscated his legs.
cork noticeboard from old company stocksWhen it was clear this ruse was not working I manfully got over it and we got to the park taking the giant yellow tennis ball and all the usual suspects were waiting for us and they shouted last one on the swings is a pansy and I tried but slipped and fell in the massive puddle under the swing and got a totally wet leg on the trousers I'd had on for 3 1/2 minutes.
I sulked under the slide for 20 minutes or so and when I decided to cut my losses, Robert invited me over so I nipped home for new trousers and went to his place where we Lego Hero-ed and that was much better.
My Scout group require a noticeboard for event announcements and display of the code of conduct etc so Bud asked nicely at his work and we got a massive adjustable whiteboard and added corkboard, here I am using a 20 millimetre anti-aircraft shell to show how my share price just keeps going up and up.

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