Friday, 8 January 2016

Night School

school library sleepover night golden rulesFriday at last!
Quite a normal day at school apart from the pygmy elephant in the room which was of course the sleepover.
I did get some homework (boo) and a new set of spelling words (baa) but mostly our minds were occupied by thoughts of escaping the parental nest for a while. I suppose it's possible that it's the first night away for some of my friends but by now, most of us have cut the cloying apron strings. I myself have been on Scout camp 3 times, Scout sleepovers a further few times, then there's the 6 months in the Navy and that time I had to take the diplomatic bag to Accra but that's a story for another time. I'm sure we'll all get lots of sleep (not) and there may be the odd co-worker with an amusing peccadillo such as giant Teddy bear (we had a discussion about this in school and some people have Teddies as tall as them, a Teddy height limit had to be set, not kidding), nocturnal wanderings/widdlings/wailings or calling the teacher Mummy. I'm sure Mr E is looking forward to that.
Also, the parents might not get much sleep either as pickup time is practically dawn tomorrow and apparently Friday Night is Beer Night, not sure how they'll get on without me. So we strode through the night in my pyjamas but with 2 coats and a pair of gloves and reached the school library entrance just as the boys were arriving. The girls were there already and what a load of pinkitude and bounciness and twitteriness they are, hence my face that says what have I got myself into, mmm.

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