Monday, 31 March 2014

Gotta catch the redeye

north whatcom fire district station 63 funny signpost can't find bacon seedsNot a great start to the day with big red itchy eyes. Jof tried me on the eyedrops which as everyone knows, makes you blind for 15 minutes and you have to lie there and try and get late for school. But eventually the coma and Ebola and delirium that you get from eyedrops passed and I was able to have a normal-ish day at school.
B+Q flat shopping trolley in garden section strawberry plants helleboreIn the afternoon I was one big argument. Everything that was said to me was wrong and I informed the world of this fact. I am 8, after all, and know far more than you do. Just you wait until I'm 15, I will be President of the Universe.
But then I went shopping, which I find mildly acceptable. I drove the trolley although, wouldn't you know my luck, I got one of those intransigent trolleys that doesn't steer properly and I kept having to back up and do 9-point turns with shelving units and fat people getting in my way.
I directed the purchaser to obtain a Hellebore, some strawberries and snapdragons and then it was just counting down the hours until Ben arrived. We compared amounts of gold we could get in our Zombie boxes (fair trips off the tongue, doesn't it?) and we only got 3 minutes playtime, practically, and the Cub Scouts are going to do a hike, but if I was a Scout, I could do a night-time hike.

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