Monday, 3 March 2014

Redneck Crazy

police officer ran over squirrel on davis drive funny failJof took me to school and picked me up as well, a nice sedate change.
In the afternoon I continued to build the Cyberdyne Systems Research Building and the Terminator we bought at the film festival where we met Bond Villain Jaws (Richard Kiel) fits in to our montage-in-the-making just fine.
Ben likes Terminator as well (he says he's watched the Terminator movies but his Mum denies it) so we both pretended to be evil death robots with guns, whereas in reality of course only one of us is.
We'd barely begun swapping Match Attax! cards when the call for Scouts came and we rushed to the church where there was a fox staring balefully at us in the car park, from a distance of about 15 feet. What does the Fox say? We never found out because sadly, a car pulled in at that precise moment and the vermin vamoosed.
lego cyberdyne systems building with terminator T-800

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