Saturday, 29 March 2014

You Shall Not Pass

random bag of assorted lego pieces including megabloks pink bricksLast night I agreed not to wake up, make noise or otherwise cause a disturbance until there was a 9 in the time. So I was up at half past six.
The morning foray (I did not feel the need to attend) to the charity shops yielded 4 bags of Lego assortment. One was a girls' bag but who cares if the bricks are pink, I got a Buzz Lightyear, 2 cats, a starfish, some ice cream and a slide. This is why I buy random bags of Lego.
Then Jof took me to town and I trailed around the shops and got new shoes and a Lego Tow-truck and another Zombie.
commonwealth war graves commission war memorial southsea portsmouthbronze panels lists of names of the fallen of both world warsOne of the little projects that goes on behind the scenes is Procurement. They attempt to procure me new and interesting experiences to make me a more rounded humanoid, instead of the rather knobbly humanoid with sticky-out elbows I currently am. Sometimes they don't work out. We recently got an email from the Verger of Chichester Cathedral saying he had just returned to work after having a heart attack, and he was not able to offer us a tour of his church towers at this time.
keyhole in war memorial gandalf the wizard says you shall not passYou can't really complain about that one.
But the man in charge of the War Memorial on the seafront said he couldn't allow untrained personnel inside the structure (it is a hollow tower - you can see slit windows at intervals up the main shaft, and one of the panels of names of the valiant fallen is a cunningly camouflaged door, the keyhole gives it away) as there's a deep watery sump under the ladder and no permanent lighting.
Jof says he is being reasonable but I object, for has he no idea of the high jinks I've been doing my whole life?
Then again, he's the chap with the key so it's no good crying over locked doors.
megabloks collection with sofas cats slide To illustrate the sheer breadth of my experience of confined spaces, I have opened a new 'Page' called "The Castles of my Dreams", the link is on the right hand side of your screen. Have a look, see if you've done half the stuff I have.
Later I built my Lego Tow-truck and sang to it. I also prepared a diorama to show off my winnings. Look at the unusual bits I got today - everyone has an ice cream, there's a fridge, slide, cats, extendable purple sofa, treasure chest with Lego Coins inside. I even found time to play 'fighting maniac' in the park. Jof ran past and I challenged her to a sprint circuit of the swingpark area: I won, although both of us had to puff generously afterwards. Then I helped make cakes, just another rubbish day...

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