Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Goodbye Yellow Lego Brick Road

mastodon woolly mammoth x is for extinct funny failSo this afternoon I had to fit my snack and homework into the narrowest of interstices between my guitar lesson and Gymnastics.
I was just copying out the rough draft I'd written yesterday when it was noticed that I'd basically copied the example text but changed the direction of the Yellow Lego Brick Road from the Wild Wood to the Rocky Cove. Poor old Perseus had to smell the same rotten flesh from the same wolves, maintaining a grip on the same old protective shield.
Apparently it is not sufficient to simply plagiarise the teachers' work, especially when she insists that the road is stoney, a classic example of anti-theft watermarking for the under-9s. There is a Stoney LaRue, coincidentally, but I feel it unlikely that she is obliquely referring to this Texan Country artist.
I hurriedly changed a few parts of my essay, and did it in my best joined-up writing to distract the examiner from the actual content.

Put more whisky in the water, there's better times a'coming...

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