Sunday, 30 March 2014

Life, Jim, but not as we know it

mothers day card funny with treasure hunt for mummyUp at nearly 10am, a much better sleep after the busy day yesterday.
For Mother's day I did a treasure hunt for Jof and left little notes hidden around the house with instructions to find the next note until she discovered my 'M Day' card, which was the treasure.
Jof said she wanted to buy some plants for the front garden and the backyard so we opened the inspection pit in the garage and got out the big plant pots in preparation.
horse chestnuts sprouting tap rootsLast autumn I collected conkers (as any 7 year-old wants to do) and they spent the winter in an orange bucket going mouldy, so we emptied them into the bottom of the big pots to act as compost/plant food.
But not all of them were mouldy. Quite a lot had sprouted, new life with big white twisty willies seeking out moisture and earth. Well, we had gathered them with a promise to plant some of them and so it was our duty to select the best-looking 35 and plant them up immediately. I hope for a really good crop and we might plant some in the park or on Bens' Bumpy Paths or something.
Then we spent £lots in Homebase and got honeysuckle and lupins and petunias and hollyhocks and foxgloves and lobelias and ranunculus and we didn't get the dragon because it was £60. But the garden looks much better. A woman walked past and said how nice it looks and we felt proud although it was Jof that had done all the weeding last week.

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