Tuesday, 18 March 2014

On Digestion

police have to hold mans head up for cops mugshot funny failFirst out of school because I have guitar lessons. The teacher likens my plectrum technique unto that of a potato dibber or plastered plasterer, more finesse is required.
alexandra playpark northern parade portsmouth by mountbatten centreI worked hard for my badge 3 in gymnastics, and said my tummy hurt because of the exertion and a slight paunch. But then in practically the same breath, I asked if there were snacks, possibly chocolatey ones.
My reward for finishing my fishcake was 3 kiwi fruits. So surely, I countered, I deserve Cadbury's Mini-eggs as well? They must be full of protein. It was totally unfair on Jof, she cooked us a lovely dinner and then went to Getting-Thinner-Club, where they give you  a cardboard biscuit if you've been really good.

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