Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dancing to the Jukebox in my Mind

chinese signpost funny fail engrish It's Fat Tuesday in New Orleans today, with dancing, beer, hookers and blackjack. In fact, although I dance and scoot and run and climb, I have had one Mardi Gras too many recently and Jof has put me on a reduced-chocolate diet as I am currently Fat every Tuesday.
duplicate worthless coins of all nations spread out on dining tableGot to guitars a little late and the teacher has now given me 'Scarborough Fair' to play. I have already had 3 Blind Mice and Yankee Doodle but they don't sound like actual tunes, just a twang every 13 1/2 seconds and a flourish at the end and I'm done. The teacher says yes, he does get pupils that assume holding a guitar and singing for 5 minutes constitutes a practice session.
Got to Gym on time even though the traffic tried to stop us but my favourite thing today was sorting my duplicate coins.
My next Scouts activity is a show'n'tell about a hobby or a collection. Well, my coin collection is far too valuable (about 17p) to allow to be rolled around the church hall but the duplicates that are kept separate are fair game. We sorted them into countries and I can tell you that pre-Euro Spain and France were very popular, as were £1 coins forged in lead, strangely.

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