Monday, 10 March 2014

My First Wanted Poster

vintage book peeface preface editor's explanatory notes funny failHomework this week included producing a wanted poster. My character is simply "Deadly Monster" and he/she/it is wanted for questioning by law enforcement officials for killing 9 people. His mugshot closely resembles a 3-lobed amoeba replete with motile cilia and has sharp claws and teeth, and two giant swords. Apparently his name is Erglegret.
cub scout in group game hoopla hoop No measly 30 pieces of silver for this betrayal, the reward for information leading to an arrest is £29,000 payable at £1 per week, an absolute bargain for those civic-minded Methuselahs amongst you who plan to live off the proceeds for another 558 years.
At Cubs some of us did Show'n'Tell, basically, but it was for the Hobby Badge and Collection Badge. My casket of duplicate coins from my coin collection qualified for both. Ben showed Match Attax! cards, Ginger George had Skylanders and I-can't-remember-her-name did Disney character toys like Woody, Sulley, Mr Incredible and stuff.
And I will be on the Cub Pack team for the Scrapheap challenge. I have to make a model from a binbag of junk, if only I'd gained some experience of this in my life.
Direct quote: "I hope Nanna doesn't die yet so she can sew on my Scout badges".

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