Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mild Cognitive Impairment'R'us

engrish funny sign fail bipers and monkeys not vipers or snakesMy guitar teacher says I'm doing well. Bud and I have had a disagreement about the frequency, nature and duration of what my practise sessions should entail. Having asked the tutor, we have agreed to compromise.
For afternoon snack, I had one of my favourites which is cheese sandwich. I carefully remove and consume the cheese, leaving the bread to be Marmited and eaten by someone else. Others might ask for something different, but not me.
spinning until you make yourself dizzy alexandra park hilsea north endI've completed 6 of the 9 compulsory modules to get my next gymnastics badge.
Beforehand we managed 20 minutes in the park and I went on the spinny thing and it made my head go whoosh. I like this feeling but have a special talent, when my head is dizzy I just shake it violently and it clears instantly. I may need to use this special skill if I ever drink beer.
low tide tipner lake from horsea lane
Bedtime reading: 'Oblique House', a Dickens tuppenny-tale of bent coppers.

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