Monday, 24 March 2014

Less is, more or less

police called to cardboard in road funny fail small town america first world problemsAfter school it was rush-rush-rush as I stuffed in food, did homework and practised guitar for my exam tomorrow. Well, I don't have an exam per se, but the teacher will be assessing my progress and the paranoia-inducing questions "Will he approve?" and "Have I done enough?" seem to be a good way of making me practise just that little bit more.
My homework is about Perseus yomping his way across an island, and I included the fragment 'Towering over him were huge ruff rocks. They were as pointy as the spinica tower.'
For those amongst you who do not know the Spinnaker Tower, it is indeed very pointy.
afternoon snack with perseus and mythical creatures homework projectBen joined me presently and we continued our Lego Cops'n'Robber diorama which evolves daily. He had forgotten to bring his scooter so I issued him with my old one which now languishes in the garage. It was great for a 5 year-old who rides only on smooth pavements and doesn't expect to achieve escape velocity but for Ben it was an insult. I remember now why I asked Grandad for a new one for Xmas.
I got a hobby badge.

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