Wednesday, 5 March 2014

An Unconventional Convent

santa wants a brunette shooting cupid's arrow of loveTHE SANDMAN
I stumble o'er the fossil shoreline high above the plain
I am swimming through a sea of sand in my dreams again
The Saharan crescent dunes and the Minaret's crescent moons
Fade like a wadi's echo into the drizzle of tomorrow
News reaches me from Obscure Cousin Margaret that the Anglican Convent of St Mary the Unkissed of Wantage (Oxfordshire) is to close and sell up following the defection of half of the nuns to a Popish rival religious order after the Roman Catholics decided to have women Bishops. While distant and archaic sectarian politicking may not seem relevant to me, Even More Obscure Great-Great-Great Aunt Olive was a nun there and has quietly occupied a plot in the graveyard these last 35 years, but they're not selling the graveyard so we don't have to dig her up and move her.
Jof picked me up and we took advantage of the sun to play footie in the park. She banged a toe but we did well. There was the usual argument about whether you need to practise the guitar in order to get better, and I added several layers to the Cyberdyne Building.

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