Thursday, 27 March 2014

Husky stopped Play

come on baby don't be like that lizard funny corrugated iron roofReport day today, I was instructed to give the sealed envelope directly to my owners without opening it even a little bit.
It revealed me to be O for outstanding (not 0 for zero) in every aspect anyway, apart from the usual 'Must stop chatting with friends' and 'More care needs to be taken over handwriting and working in maths' which Jof reckons is a universal comment to all pupils, practically a cut'n'paste job.
At Thursday Park we learned that Wednesday Park is to be resurrected from its own ashes: this will make no functional difference to me at all but it's nice to be back to the way it all started. We played football but retreated in disarray when some big Year Sixes bundled us over and someone had spilled foam banana sweeties over the floor by the swinging basket so we threw them at each other for a bit until Johnny got one on the ear and it turned out to be quite hard.
In our later game of footy, we played 'One-touch Wallsy', a made up game against the painted wall until a random husky stopped play and Ben and Johnny got into a pointless battle and we all went home. I had to go straight into the shower due to mud overload.
Bud had bought me 3 more glow-in-the-dark not-quite-Lego Zombies: I now have a Vampire, a Zombie half-decayed, a Zombie construction worker and a Lagoon Creature! Other micro-figures available include the Fly/Scientist, Zombie Cheerleader, Wolfman and Frankenstein. Gotta get 'em all!

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