Sunday, 2 March 2014

Recycling Day

Up at ten something, with a new project burning a hole in my mind. Following my Saturday night viewing of the well-known action comedy "Terminator 2", I have been babbling about hasta la vista Bay-bee and knives and stabbing weapons and put these on and come with me if you want to live and many other phrases in humorous accents that I have heard a million times and now know where they came from.
So in a fitting tribute, I decided to destroy my Citadel of Lego and recycle the parts for re-use in a new construction: the Cyberdyne Systems building in downtown LA. We dutifully sorted all the Lego pieces into bricks, flats, decorations, humanoids, slopes and everything else. I made the walk-in safe to store the bad robot and would you believe it, I already have a Police helicopter and a Police motorbike to crash into it and it won't take a Level 7 Master-Builder like me long to create a Police van with piles of bulletproof jackets and honestly, the story practically writes itself.
lego sorted into boxes of bricks and shapes with roadway glued to table
Deep into the afternoon, Pops came and took me back to hers for a roast dinner while the sky emptied itself onto the world beneath. Then Jof got home and she reports that Nanna is OK but is ... challenged by the sheer proliferation of medication, she has to remember to take about 95 tablets a day and all at funny times and Jof has had to write it all down for her.

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