Sunday, 16 March 2014

On yer bike

shirtless boy admires calm sea view and cloudless skyThe day didn't start well when I failed to eat the breakfast I'd specifically ordered. But it rapidly got better when we took the bike out for a spin on the seafront, if you're not on your bike on a day like today, you're doing it wrong.
model galleon ships temeraire and ajax Canoe lake park was heaving, as was the promenade. I threw rocks into the sea and we went in the castle but the roof and tunnels were closed.
milton barn brick thatched house amateur dramatics and party venueThe castle staff asked me to put my shirt back on in case I got the girlies overheated and on the way back we stopped off to admire the model boats on the lake, because the model boat society was out in force. I liked the submarine which kept sinking and the 2 galleons Temeraire and Ajax and the fast boats and the amphibious landing craft because a guy drove a tank right into it and it could move its turret round and make shooting noises and everything. The swans didn't get in a flap.
When we got home, raddle my wingnuts with a Malaysian jetliner if Ben hadn't left a message saying meet you in the park, bring your bike. O how we laughed.
I played tennis and football and cricket and penalty shootout with Ben and the JBs, absolutely splendid way to spend an afternoon in the sun.

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