Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Maxed out to the Max

domino pizza motorbikes in a row fallen over like dominoes funny failIn another child-on-child case of aggravated assault, Naughty Oakley stabbed a fellow pupil in the willy with a sharpened pencil. He had already racked up 4 misdemeanours and this one was worth 4 on its own so he was sent to the Year Sixes to get severely punished although I'm not sure what that entails.
boy sticking tongue out and doing victory V signAfter school I hit the park again because it wasn't snowing. The rest of the world had the same idea and amazingly, LittleMax was there as well.
We hid from and spied on fellow alumnus Leighton although for most of it, he didn't know, which made it quite pointless. Then we chased Bud and Leighton's little sister joined in and pulled my trousers down which made me very angry.
After an hour and a half of exhausting fight action, I took Max back to mine and showed off the secrets of my locked box, in the same way as the derivation of the 'Cabinet' meeting of trusted advisors. It contains such wonders as my first guitar sheet, £15 and a Waitrose card.
milton park portsmouthLater I started my Mythical Creatures project. We're doing this as a topic at school and I am trying to steal a march. My Hero Pithon roams a mythical landscape of mountains, swamp and sand, with a rockey cove, golden river, gloomy forest and dark mirror lake. Charictas include:
god: sam: boots of flight.
goddess: poppy: an axe.
rock sharks: rocky and rockso
monster: graglegrec, and now introducing the parana X6000! Pithon the Hero has a dagger of gold, a shild of pretercshan, and corage.

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