Friday, 14 March 2014

A Tale of 2 Cities

kitchen dangers electric food blender funny failIt was cold and misty this morning, so I looked silly leaving school this afternoon with a big coat in the warm sunshine.
lego terminator on police bike jumping out of cyberdyne systems buildingBut I took Poppy home with me and showed her the Cyberdyne Systems building and described how the liquid metal Terminator drove the Police motorbike through the window into the Police helicopter.
Then we built rival dens and launched ambassadorial missions of love against each other like the warring city-states of old.
We had to give her back eventually because I had to go swimming. It had got cold again so we got a bus, where I met a very well-behaved dog. It didn't buy its own ticket, but did sit there looking lovingly at my leg, don't know whether it wanted to eat it, wee on it or do that special doggie jig-jig on it. You never know with dogs.

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