Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Business as Usual

a people trap set by a mouse disneyland disneyworld funnyLate last night Jof got a text saying the school would be open as usual today. Well, I should hope so too, it's a Wednesday! Only then did we notice the news about the planned teachers' strike...
Well, the most important event I could come up with today was Calum having a fight with Ben and them getting put on separate tables. The world passes me by.
Even though it was not Park Thursday, I demanded satisfaction and we found it in the shape of LittleMax and Mad Rosie and so forth.
milton play park portsmouthSo that was an hour of being Terminators (who refuel by holding the electric cables of the pyramid of ropes) and being hide'n'seek deathrobots and fighting Owen who is bigger than both of us but doesn't have the running stamina.
Campaign planning committees met behind the red bench and then it was time for guitar practice. I strode the pavements seeking elastic bands (dropped by the Royal Mail postpersons) for the hydraulic mythical monster I am making at school: it must be able to raise its wings unaided. I also need to make it extend one of those unrolling party-blowers (representing its tongue) using pneumatics.
Jof asks: can you use Spectral Analysis to detect ghosts (spectres)?

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