Thursday, 6 March 2014

Extreme Reading

observer's book of mushrooms toadstools and other common fungivladimir putin knock knock joke funny crimea river yeeehawToday Jof has left us again to look after Nanna. On the way to school, the Pulchritudinous Pops pulled up and offered me a ride. So ... walk in with the mother I won't see for a few days or ride in style with the Pops? It was no contest really, and I told Jof she could go home and get ready.
Anyway, we have Book Day coming up soon and the teacher has asked us to print a picture of us reading a book in a silly place. So far we have had a couple brought in, one reader in the bath, one in a canoe.
silhouette of boy up rope climbing apparatusWithout going waterskiing on the Sea of Tranquillity or riding a woolly mammoth down the Grand Canyon, the best I could come up with was hanging upside-down like a bat on the monkey bars in the park.
But when we got there I rapidly changed my mind and saved my neck. But I did a few middle-ranking ones and Ben came to help so that was nice. I have the Observer's Book of Mushrooms Toadstools and Other Common Fungi, Ben has the Observer's Book of Pond Life, absolutely no parallels were drawn with our respective personalities or lifestyle choices, honest.
extreme reading schoolboys reading books in parkOnce we'd done the photocall, we played Lava on the curly slide and Hide'n'Seek. The park isn't great for this because there's only about 2 good things to hide behind, and both were obese women, who tend to move, if slowly. So we ended up running furtively from one hiding place to another, when we thought the seeker wasn't looking.
This descended into a parody of deceitful stalking (or Dorking) and we dorked about for a while until I was at the bottom of the slide studiously ignoring him and saying "Well, I wonder if he's behind the swings" out loud and we said Buttox to this and went back to ours to warm up.
We made a Lego maze with fireguns and traps and bombs and Transport-inators and stabbing weapons and stuff, as you do.

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