Friday, 21 March 2014

Sports Relief Day 2014

cat fail funny jumps against glass terrarium Jof let me sleep in a bit today so we rushed a little.
After spelling it was running. For sport relief we were allowed to wear civvies instead of school uniform so I wore my special red relief T-shirt.
boy in red sport relief t-shirt with lego collectionWe had to do relays up and down the playground in a style of our own choosing and I did mine with an animal theme - I did the chicken dance and also went crabwise. Ben invented the bum-shuffle which is sitting on the ground with your legs out in front and lifting yourself forward with your hands.
Of course he was very slow: I'm led to believe that in any population, there will be a smallish proportion of bum-shufflers.
My swimming coach says I might be nearly ready to get a preliminary assessment as to suitability to possibly move up a group. This is a somewhat watered-down victory, hoho.
We finished the Lego Cyberdyne Sytems building today. While the actual Terminator bit was completed some time ago, we've obsessively increased the height out of all proportion until we ran out of bricks.

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