Saturday, 15 March 2014

Sex à la Mode

grade 1 haircut sids barbers 3 locksway road milton road portsmouthorchard road play area southsea opposite bishops paint and fratton railway stationWoke up at 0730 because I had left my alarm clock set. I was not the only one up, because my willy was in sex mode, don't know why it does that and it doesn't matter how much you tell it to stop or push it down, it's only when you get distracted by Lego it goes away.
So this meant I was able to walk miles to buy books with the school pound-off voucher and play armies on my own in Orchard Park. We got a new 10 litre watering can in Big B+Q which made a much better gun than just 2 fingers and I shot and exploded everyone we met.
terminator 2 in lego minigun shooting out of cyberdyne systems battleThe park was full of schoolchums and I joined in Leighton's army attack game, shame I'd left the watering can at home. My reward was giant fish and chips for lunch from Deep Blue, and while having my customary Grade 1 1/2 haircut (that I demanded) I read one of my new books, yet another instance of Extreme Reading, just not a set-up this time.
Later we went for a record-breaking 3rd walk and I got 20 Match Attax! cards. My latest Lego project has been the Cyberdyne Systems headquarters as seen in my favourite film Terminator 2. Today we added a model of Arnold with his Gatling gun and a lot of cowering police-types and in a flash of brilliance, used Jof's sewing set to suspend a police helicopter and motorbike from cotton thread, hanging from Nanna's fishing rod (a small stick). Sadly you can only just see the gatehouse security guard on the floor with no kneecaps and there is a random brown bear by the trees but who's counting.
OK, so the picture is a bit busy, and the whole setup is amateur at best, but I think it's really funny. Later (by specific demand) I watched Terminator 1 to help me understand T2. It's scarier but I insist I'm OK.

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