Friday, 28 March 2014

Handhi Bendhi Gandhi

lorry falls into swollen river after rain floodsAs 'Street Dance' was cancelled today, we got a bonus Ben to take home. He took my big new scooter and I took my little old rattly one and we scootled up and down the pavements of the world treating the various lines of paving slabs as motorway lanes.
lego rectangle tunnel big enough for child to get inOne more barrel, 2 more minutes
At home I quickly shouted some ground rules and we set to work destroying the Cyberdyne Research Laboratory (faster than the Terminators' bomb) so the bricks could be recycled into a new structure. We have voted on some kind of Police Station with associated goldmine but who knows how it'll turn out. Ben could actually get in the tower, not that it was designed for human consumption oho.
In swimming I was officially promoted to Dark Blue Hat group: but there's no space so I have to remain with Leo the Mane Man (he has long ginger hair) in Light Blue until someone moves up to Purple or Heliotrope or whatever. In the car I discovered yet another Glow-in-the-dark Zombie Lego-alike that had accidentally fallen into his shopping basket. It's the invisible man! Very cheap to manufacture...

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