Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Foggy Bottom Boys

funny jesus cartoon facebook likes and reincarnationThe world was hidden in a thick blanket of fog today. But against all odds, it came back again, perhaps it was an April Fool.
hilsea lido playpark london road portsmouthI have a break from guitar lessons so that gave me more time to negotiate my way out of having to practise.
It was such a lovely day once the fog had faded, we revisited Hilsea Lido park. This small but colourful park is mostly sand and has some short but very slippery slides. I banged my nose twice trying to climb up the red curly slide.
romans and celts costume dress up day meon school portsmouth sword and gold laurel leaves wreathNext door is the old Lido splashpond, it used to be a very wide kidney-shaped paddling pool a few inches deep but has now been refurbished and kitted out along the same lines as the D_Day museum splashpark, with squirting chairs, a chain bridge and brightly coloured stepping nodules. It was closed. I asked to go into the water park next to it, but the old Lido itself is still a big rusty hole in the ground and very very closed.
After Gymnastics I tried on my Roman Toga. It is Celts and Romans day tomorrow and there is a pitched battle scheduled to see who will be the winning tribe.
Jof has excelled herself again with my Imperial Roman outfit, with braiding and a belt and everything. Look haughty for the picture, she said, so I am being one of those statuesque street performers being Caesar the Invincible preparing to conquer a vassal nation. I have a laurel wreath of gold leaves and one tug on the bow on that gold belt might cause unrequired draughts and possibly gales, of laughter.

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