Sunday, 27 April 2014

Consequences be Dammed

salix matsudana curly corkscrew willowNobody got up today, so I snuck downstairs and had built a Minecraft castle before they noticed I was gone, practically.
My first job was to get a Homebase trolley and select some plants. We bought a curly willow tree, big pot, earth, chicken poo, all the usual stuff, and I added pansies and fuchsias and it looks very nice too, in our back yard which we are trying to make into a pub beer garden, like the Phoenix pub in Southsea, only without the stone dogs.
damming a waterfall near southsea nudist beachThen I must admit there was quite a lot of nothing until 5pm when I decided we had to go and build a dam. The sump in front of Fort Cumberland is still there but the tide was coming in and I got wet feet again and the terrain has been extensively remodelled by the winter storms. We piled some rocks around the edge and set up some metal bars we'd used before.
derelict cold war listening station and napoleonic fortFearing that we would be cut off by the rising tide (where's Canute when you need him?), we high-tailed it round to our most recent dam and spent a happy 20 minutes throwing rocks onto it so it would be easier to build next time we visit at actual low tide.
There was a hole in the fence so true to form we had a quick nose inside but there was a camera watching us so we didn't stay long. Fort Cumberland says it's an English Heritage location and open for visitors but not when you ring them and actually ask to go in, and the old derelict cold war era listening station is just a load of broken glass with trees growing out of it. Been there, done that.

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