Friday, 4 April 2014

Mufti Day: Arriving in Style

joke on schoolboy pulling chair from under you fail funnyI first met Bud at 0515 when I was exploding in the toilet. I was not exploding ON the toilet, which is a bonus, but I was sneezing splurgily and snottily. It was his getting up time anyway.
Later Jof diagnosed hay fever and prescribed kiddie anti-histamines, which she had magically bought previously. I didn't like it so spat it out all over the sofa which earned me a shouting.
waverley park by st swithins school southseaIt was the last day of term so we paid the teacher £1 to come in without uniform. She did come in dressed, so it didn't quite work.
In the playground, our favourite blonde photographer from the News was snapping a group of Year 6s saying goodbye to our Head teacher Miss Linscott who is leaving us today. I believe we raised enough money to buy her a bench. Perhaps there could have been something more useful but who knows.
waverley play park by st swithins school roman catholic southseaWe had to take the laundry to the laundrette but Jof had taken the car to go and see Nanna again. Therefore we cycled; he wobbled precariously due to carrying a vast bag of sheets and towels, I wobbled precariously due to travelling on real actual roads without him running alongside me. But in meedle of no time, I was enjoying it and wanted to experience more traffic lights, junctions, oncoming traffic and one-way systems. I even signalled.
From there we accessed the park by JoniBobs' school and immediately met 3 people I knew from parties. Then, why spoil a good bike ride? We rode to my swimming lesson as well, arriving in style, shame lots of others had thought of it and the bike park was full. I could get used to this cycling lark.
Incidentally, when Ben and I were trading skillsets yesterday, I can do "Floater", the dead body in water, because I can float. He can do a really good cowboy-getting-shot-off-roof-but-doing too-much-staggering. Thinks. If I ever get to the Dead Sea, where even normal humans can float, would I be able to walk on water? I believe that Jesus chap in the stories could do that, maybe he was a floater too.

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