Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A low-lying Sandboy

health surver alcohol consumption funny failToday I got my promise from last week to go back to the adventure playground and get sanded up again. It is no coincidence that I have a holiday period during sunshine and keep re-sanding myself just when the washing machine is broken and we're waiting for a new one.
I spent 2 hours (split) in the sandpit and had so many chips for lunch, Jof had to stop me eating them. So I had to go straight into the shower upon my return.
anchorage park play area portsmouthIt sounded a really good idea to go early to Gymnastics and try out Anchorage Park Park, but the road was jammed all the way up and I could clearly see Ben and the JBs in Swingpark through the fence.
I tried the spinning cup which makes your head go whizzy and I only just scraped Gym on time due to traffic lights on Norway Bridge for the sewer rebuild, of all things. In play-gym, we somersaulted into the foam pit with the occasional mid-air collision.
I have been caught lying twice in a row. Last night, I said I'd done my teeth even though I'd only been upstairs for 20 seconds and had clearly gone straight to bed, my toothbrush languishing in its bone dry fossilized state. Today I said I'd done my extended guitar practice in yet another 20 second window with no melodious sounds at all coming down the stairs to their waiting ears. I wonder what I shall have to sell if I am caught again? My Lego collection? A kidney?
Later the car was loaded with the last of the rubbish from Dear Follower Martin's back yard. It was a giant blue barrel, originally 125 kg of white acrylic paint (must have been a big job), looked like you could blow up the Cyberdyne Systems building with it.

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