Monday, 7 April 2014

An Unexpected Allergy to Sand (and Parking Attendants)

I have 2 weeks off due to half-term so clearly, we have to pack everything in to the first day.
macaris diner worthing seafront  west sussexWe started with double dentistry and I had to wait 40 minutes for my appointment and all he did was count my teeth again and paint fluoride guck on them. I pay my taxes for that?
However I did get to watch Bud getting X-rayed which was disappointingly low on powder burns and resuscitation, there was a tweet, we counted his fillings on the screen and that was it.
But then we drove to Worthing, as you do. Obscure Cousin Margaret is looking after the boy upstairs and needed our help in running him around outside a little. Lukas is half Italian, half Spanish, half Argentinian and definitely hyperactive. He is 9, a lot bigger than me and very clever with it, he has lots of letters after his name like ADHD, so he can fly a plane but not tell the time. He liked the super-magnets we gave him, perhaps he can try some TMS* on himself.
We babbled a lot so got on fine, although I did find him a bit contradictory when we argued about British and American and Southern States Rebel flags, there's a lot of information in his head but it's a little miswired.
steyne park worthing seafront west sussexFirst up was lunch and we walked through the rain to the diner we used last time and it was quite empty, so we filled it with jabbery noise. He really likes salt and poured it all over his food and asked for another glass of water. The rain stopped! We climbed all over the benches in the diner!
So we headed for my old favourite sandy swingpark where the rain started again. We splodged through the sand and the diggers I liked so much have been taken away by the council killjoys and we filled the buckets and threw stones at the wooden horses because there was nobody else in the park at all, apart from the homeless man who had his own golf club so was playing crazy golf by himself in the abandoned out-of-season minigolf course.
At going-back time I got most upset because the sand in my raincoat was itchy and I took it off and got cold and annoyed at the sand. The Aladdins' Cave shop had some rare vintage Lego sets but they were £80 so I got half a car for £1, why not.
splash point worthing play area by minigolfMargaret had specially kept a coupon from the local paper which gave £2 off parking in the multi-storey car park. So we paid the ticket and gave the coupon and the proof-of-purchase ticket to the cash desk which is on the exit ramp (no pedestrians) of the car park and they said here's a special ticket, put it in the machine when you pay. But we've already paid, we said, look, here's the ticket. Oh, no, sir, you have to give us the coupon first, then we give you the extra ticket, and that makes the machine drop the price by £2. OK, we said, but the machine said cash only, no coupons, can we have our £2 back please. Oh no, sir, I can't help you if you've already paid, but this ticket is valid for another 3 weeks, you can come back. But we don't live here, and we're not coming back. But you can come back next week, sir, and get £2 off.
We ground our teeth (use your dentist here) and drove home. Lukas has splendid Nerf guns and I am invited back for a rematch.
* Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

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