Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Beast with Two Heads

bad translation piss enters pool funny engrish signpostToday was a child-minding day of relaxed timing. Jof took me in and I chose the multiple ball-games activity set for the morning session.
I played badminton and beach volleyball and bombardment and football and similar. I wasn't allowed to get my Harrier jump-jet out for lunch so that was dull but in the afternoon we had 8's and over swimming and the loud older boys shouting at each other in the changing rooms made a little boy cry, but it wasn't me.
Leaving early to attend good ol' Thursday park with Ben, we chased each other round and invented the Monster with 2 Heads which is where we climb up the slide and slide down on each other and swap places and it all looks quite affectionate but it wasn't really.
beast with 2 backs boys on slideThen suddenly Alannah appeared. All good villains have a nemesis. So far I have a shortish stretch of pavement outside an off-licence on Highland Road which is my Nemesis Pavement, because bad things always happen to me there. But Naughty Alannah is my Feminine Nemesis (Femesis?) and she is a bad girl so Ben and I hid from her and scooted away and then she caught us and I pinched her bottom and we met Harry and his sister Emily from my old school and we all played boys against girls, even after Ben had to go home. Some of us may have thought it was kiss-chase but not me.
woodchip fight on play parkHarry and Emily already have a ... robustly antagonistic relationship, and this mirrors the way I feel about dear little pink Alannah. So the rugby attack quickly degenerated into a massive wood-chip fight and it was all for one and one for himself and we only left the park at half six, so another hour and a half of calorific consumption. This picture may be blurred but it most clearly represents the rough'n'tumble with added woodchips, which we shall all be turfing out of our socks for weeks to come.
I have finally admitted that taking my hay-fever medicine is better than sneezing constantly and itching my eyes all the time.

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