Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Ho-Ho-Home Run

fingerme megan finger email address username funny failFinally started my homework project today. Originally, the 'Bust of Tutankhamen rendered in Lego' got too difficult after the second layer and I abandoned it, conveniently but inaccurately blaming the JBs for messing it up.
But a Swarovski crystal and some modelling clay gave me a much better idea, and today Jof and I started an Egyptian amulet, later I will put it in a shoebox of sand (available at any local beach) and say it's an archaeological discovery, a cross between the Eye of Ra in Stargate and the bejewelled device that fits on the rod in Indiana Jones to show you where the Ark is.
playing baseball in milton park southseaWe've also done some flat ovoids to act as paintable Easter Egglets, we just have to wait for the clay to dry and harden.
The JBs invited me to the park and I took my rounders set that they roundly ignored on the beach. We did actually play for a goodly while, Bobert worked against us and only wanted to sabotage the game so we could go back to football but the baseball was quite funny. Of course you can't play properly with 3 kids and an adult child, but we tried and swapped roles and I always had to have a wicket keeper because I rarely hit it and there were dogs on the pitch and we hit some canoodling teenagers and whenever we hit one we all ran round and round because there was only one midfielder and so we all scored an infinite amount of home runs.
Later Jof and I made St James' Park out of Lego. Well, when you've separated off all your black and white bricks, it's only fair. I have made a viewing booth for David Beckham and I objected to the Lego Humanoids because one has a blue face, maybe he swallowed his tongue.

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