Thursday, 24 April 2014

Roll away, the Stoned

more efficient drinking alcohol at 1970s partyGot a lift in through the fog with The Pops which helped. After school comes park day and we got there early enough to meet many familiar faces.
Once Ben and the JBs got in, we played football and I had to storm off in a huff twice due to Bob and my overwrought emotional state.
soft yellow foam footballI took off my shirt (not as a prelude to fisticuffs) and once the JBs had gone, Ben and I played Drunk Referee which meant going "Ba!" at each other and falling down, rolling around in the mud. I needed an early shower.
Jof has bought me a new suitcase-on-wheels. It is distinctly bigger than the last one (good for beach towels) and doesn't have any gaudy pac-man smiley faces all over it. It is called Tripp, not sure if it's a journey-related pun or Maria Von Tripp's famous special mushroom stroganoff.

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