Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Contradiction Infirms

landport adventure playground arundel street portsmouth sandpitJof was on lates today so I was actually up before her. My homework (apart from the spelling one where you have to make as many words as possible out of the phrase "Chocolate Easter Eggs" without simply doing the old online anagram service and getting Google searches/St George Hotel/Stargate School) is to make an Egyptian artefact.
I had heard one of my classmates saying he's making a pyramid from Lego but I just don't have enough slopes so I want to make a Mummy. Just the bust, though, no need to make it complicated. Thus I have had Bud separating out the black and white bricks from my bijou collectionette, took 3 days. Of course, as soon as you start, you're trying to build a rounded item from square-ish bricks and it was like something from the three stooges so I was re-negotiating with things like "Well, I might not be able to do this..." and "if this doesn't work out, I'll do something else...". etc.
when you see it meme kid on swingsI was just doing my homework when the ground floor ring was tripped by the washing machine blowing a fuse. We fixed that and got the laundry outside in time for the rain and we walked into town to get the car back from Jof, but she wanted to keep it. On the way I found the Landport Adventure Playground on Chelsea Street so we went in and met Harry and Emily in the sandpit. Only yesterday I was moanily allergic to sandpits in the rain. But today it was raining and I had the same trousers, shoes and raincoat on, so I went in the sandpit and we dug drainage ditches in a race to the sea and made Chester Castle and discovered cheese A go-go which was that foam you get when you run water into a sandpit. But right in the middle of a sandfight they closed for lunch so we walked home again (no car). Google Earth says I've walked 3 1/4 miles already today. Ben invited me to the park which you can't turn down, but I just didn't seem to have my usual madness, plus the target we wanted to have a fight with wasn't playing. There is a little "When you see it" at the top left of this picture. We got a bus into town to get the car. In the rush, I forgot to shut the front door: he sent me back to do it properly.
At gymnastics we got a little bit of funtime but not the big extend-y one with the parachute and messing about in the foampits, I guess I'm in the senior class now so fun is in the past.
When we got home we discovered I'd left the front door open all that time so I am off TV for the rest of the week.

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