Friday, 11 April 2014


So last night I had a bad dream in which I was due to give a presentation in front of the whole school at assembly and the teacher hadn't told me my assignment and everyone was looking forward to it and saying how good I was going to be and I had no idea what I was doing there ...
bowlarama skittles funny strike pins backwards
Following Boys-night-in film nights, Jof thought I might have bad dreams about a partially-limbed Terminator following me on a conveyor belt into an industrial press like poor old Sarah Connor but no, I'll just go with the standard Naked Speech-Giver, thanks.
Well, at childcare I did dodgeball again and running around and we walked to Victoria Park for some climbing action and I moved through to swimming lessons which are off next week because of Good Friday. When he picked me up I was clouting a puppet-doll thingy with a baseball bat, he kinda agreed with my philosophy.
It's not exactly a lot to report but I regained access to the TV remote and Jof has 10 days off from today so she's more relaxed and life is always good if you laugh at it. I went to bed at 1030 expansively explaining my experience of Mein Kraft with the proviso that you don't answer the blank screen of cyber-conversation asking you to meet IRL for some sweeties.
Happy weekend to all.

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