Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Toga! Toga! Toga!

where do kitties go when they die funny cartoon lying to kidsRoman and Celt day at school at last and a chance to Lord (well, Emperor) it over the rest of them.
At kickout time the playground was full of costumery: 74 Roman soldiers in a sword-fighting melee (going pieces of eight, Aaargh! and have at thee, varlet in a glorious chronological and cultural clash), 1 chap with a blue face (1 more for the woad) and 75 Arthurian Ladies of the Lake tripping up over their trippy raiment.
I scooted home in battle dress and I can't help thinking that the Roman army would have been better invaders if they had scooters, perhaps they would have rid the world of the dreadful Scots, instead of just building a wall around them.
Scooted to Wednesday Park and waved to the JBs who drove right past us.
easter cake for school competitionBut nobody came to the park so I played with LittleMax and gave up when he left and it was overrun by abusive teenagers.
Later Jof finished the Easter Cake for the school competition and it's got nests made of chocolate with eggs and chickies and rabbits and lemon icing but the carrots-that-look-like-umbrellas wouldn't fit on. Erin says hers is better because she uses professional-level icing.

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