Monday, 14 April 2014

Achoo! (repeat x 56), Life's a Beach

stuff of nightmares snake in u-bendOver the last week it has become increasingly obvious that I have hay fever. Jof gets it. Bud gets it. Grandad gets it. And now, thanks to my human progenitors (I am 63 ½% human) I am cursed to endure this sticky scourge for the rest of my life. Thanks, guys, I've no idea what I've got to look forward to.
Well, it was a lazy day. Jof slept in so as next in command I granted myself access to her tablet and played Minecraft lots. We kept saying 'Yeah... we'll go to the park...' but never quite made it.
But at school pickup time (seems like a distant memory) Ben summoned me to the beach which doubles as my second home, currently, and I'm hoping to get MP's expenses on it.
buckets and spades on southsea beachBud and I cycled to the glasses shop who mended the damage (that I had previously inflicted) free of charge. We found the Puddlers on the beach and got about 2 and a half hours of hard labour in the sun, a wonderful treat for mid-April. The tide was out to lunch, and so were we as we made a really rubbish castle and some kind of drainage trench down by the waterline, which receded like a middle-aged hairline. The castle got infected by girls anyway.
The JoniBobs have a splendid pair of plastic scoop things from IKEA. They look a bit junior but are quite sturdy and extremely efficient at digging up our stony beach.
low tide at southsea beachIn no time, we had a hole one of us could fit in. We took it in turns to fall in it in a variety of interesting ways and hope to sell the footage for £250 to Silly Videos'R'Us and we spent ages setting up and destroying the theatricals while divvying up the money.
All of us wish to set up a website detailing our activities with videos and pictures and reams of verbiage but don't know how to do it yet. I realise that announcing that on my own blog is slightly hatstand but when you're 8, that's the norm. (Norman Bates)
I conned Jof into putting my bike in the car for an easier ride home and completely inhaled a plateful of prawns, fishcake, black pudding, carrots and corn for added strength.
Bonus video: Johnny falling into the hole. In retrospect, falling in bum-first may not be good as he got totally folded and the stones we used to hold down the towel kinda hit him on the head a bit, but he lived to dig again. It does show quite how deep it was, for Johnny is 6 foot 13 and we had to pull him out by his feet.

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