Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Changing Tides in the affairs of Men

natwest bank fareham cricket force bath lane voluntary worknatwest sports in the community voluntary workActually woken up today, and I thought it was a Sunday, in the middle of a fortnight's holiday.
Jof drove us to Fareham, just down the road from last week's bike ride, and we took an aromatic subway under the dual carriageway and found - paradise. Fareham and Crofton Cricket Club sits in a verdant triangle of land right by Fareham Creek and is cut off from the rest of civilisation by the railway.
fareham lake yacht marina cams hall estateboy keeping bar in cricket club Jof's work sponsors them as part of their ongoing doing-good-in-the-community thingy and Jof had signed us up to doing some good works to help their season start with a bang. We got our orders which was paint the pavilion, although Jof got to clean out the bar area, and do the washing up. Not that she's a woman or anything.
sea walls damaged by winter storms eastney pumping stationI painted stonework and woodwork and helped Jof put water in the vodka and then we all got sausage inna bun! I did some nets practise and eventually, once people started drifting off, we checked out the swingpark which is right by the water and we watched the little yachts and swans and it was sunny and we felt good in our free T-shirts that we were given for painting a building that's going to be demolished in September.
Well, the swingpark isn't up to much but the location dazzles. Met back up with Jof to go shopping while he cycled home. I had elected not to do this, possibly a mistake.
trying to dam the low tide king canuteAt 4pm it was still such a lovely day that we all decamped to the seaside. The car park at Fort Cumberland is free if bumpy and we knew it was low tide so we took the bucket (orange) and the spade (broken) and made a dam by the sewage outflow pipe. The Eastney pumping station is undergoing a refit or expansion and is very very smelly.
old sewage outflow pipe eastney portsmouthThere's also lots of winter storm damage to the sea defences and it's all fenced off, therefore full of teenagers doing bike tricks and trying to get through the fence into the Fort, like I have done a few times.
Throwing rocks is a speciality and soon, some other kids joined in and we all got wet and laughed. It was like playing Minecraft IRL. The tide was out, and if we'd had any more time we would have been totally victorious but when we actually saw the tide change direction, we were in a losing battle and it got swamped. I fell over 3 times and Jof fell on her bottie on the slippery sea-weedy rocks and we didn't mind. We found 3 crabs and some Rock Gobies. Whoever is there at next low tide will have a tremendous advantage in their civil engineering scheme with all the rocks we've piled up for them.
Even Jof is learning that pointless hard work where you don't win, get paid or see any point to the exercise can be wonderful. Straight in the shower when I got back. That naughty sand gets everywhere.

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